Learn West Coast Swing Ladies Styling!

Recorded video lessons will teach you...

Do You Feel Any Of This?

“I fully know the basic patterns, but I want to learn styling so I can look magical on the dance floor.”

“I like to improve my beginning dance skills with new styling so I can keep up with better partners!” 

“When I add styling to my dance repertoire, I will not sit a lot during the dance because other leaders will notice me.”

“I like to learn more than the basic patterns because that will  increase my dance confidence.”

“I am so busy, but I will  make time to learn styling so I will be more inspired to dance.

Become A Happy Dancer Because you'll be...

…equipped with cool ladies dance styling others will applaud you for.

…looking smooth on the dance floor because of your improved style execution. 

… spending less time sitting because the leaders will see you making those cool moves. 

… feeling great doing your own signature styling on the dance floor.

… asking leaders to dance because you know you can keep up with them. 

… always smiling with joy while dancing,  and

… primed to take on the higher dance level!

Hey, Here are Testimonials!

Liz Wilder
wcs dancer/instructor