Liz's Dance Journey

My passion for dancing started since I was 7 years old. My mother recalled that I danced with the music played on a jukebox in a restaurant where customers threw some money on the floor while I danced.

As a teenager, I danced a lot with my friends on many occasions and parties we attended. As a young adult, I danced with my friends in disco clubs dancing swing and free styles for long hours!

As an adult, I danced waltz, cha-cha, hustle, bolero, night club 2-step, east coast swing, mambo, salsa, American & Argentine tango, and other ballroom type dance. I was also a member of ballroom “Smooth” dance team which promoted the ballroom dancing styles in the city where I live.

I fell in love with west coast swing dance in 1998. I  became a board member in the local west coast swing dance non-profit organization called the Biggest Little Swing Dance Club (BLSDC) in Reno, Nevada.  I have since then attended several west coast swing dance events and conventions held around USA.  I won some awards in several dance competitions.

When I met and married my  husband of 17 years in a west coast swing dance convention in Monterey, California in 2003, I stopped competing for about 5 years, though I attended a few dance conventions intermittently. I still enjoy attending dance conventions as it is like “dance till I drop” when I dance!  My husband said, “Liz lives to dance!” Well, that can be an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

I started teaching west coast swing beginning level in 2004 at my home kitchen floor when a few friends dancers asked me to teach them. A small dance studio was then built in my home where I taught my students. Later on, I taught beginning west coast swing and Ladies Beyond Beginning Styles that is now called Ladies Styling. For a few years,  my husband and I have taught private lessons with couples and singles in our home studio.

Over 20 years of dancing west coast swing, with several  private lessons from Champion instructors, have attended many dance workshops, and have won in dance competitions, molded me into a passionate west coast swing dancer!

I have developed west coast swing ladies styling curriculum which I taught in few dance studios in Northern Nevada. I recorded my ladies styling in my home studio and edited the videos using Screenflow, a professional editing software. I call these styles, “simple, easy, cool, classic, and fun!”

I am glad I recorded these styling because I know I am not getting any younger. I want to help and impart my love for west coast swing dance with other west coast swing dance enthusiasts in humble ways I can!

I hope you too will experienced the fun I am experiencing with this dance!

Savor the joy of west coast swing dance! –