I Know The Basic Patterns, Now What?

Progression is a natural way.  What does this mean? What really is the next best thing after learning and knowing the basic beginning patterns in west coast swing dance?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Learn west coast swing ladies’ styling
  2. Practice a lot. Go dancing for weeks and months. Dance till you are tired!
  3. Learn the Intermediate level patterns.
  4. Practice a lot. Go dancing for weeks and months.  Dance till you are tired!
  5. Learn more west coast swing ladies styling
  6. Practice a lot. Go dancing for weeks and months. Dance till you are tired!
  7. Learn more Intermediate level patterns.
  8. Practice a lot. Go dancing for weeks and months. Dance till you are tired!
  9. Learn more, and more west coast swing ladies’ styling
  10. Practice a lot. Go dancing for weeks and months. Dance till you are tired.
  11.  Learn more, and more Intermediate level patterns.
  12. Practice a lot. Go dancing and dance till you are tired.
  13. Now, learn the Advance level patterns. And so forth….

Did you notice the “mold?”  Dancing, as in any other physical activity, requires repetition. Repetition is the mother of all education. The more you practice and dance, the more you gain confidence and improved your skill.

In between these repetitions and dances, you can actually attend a west coast swing dance convention you want. It is great to experience the “joy and thrill” of a dance convention! who knows you might really love it!

Remember, improved skill brings certainty and assurance of your dance poise and high spirit in the dance.

Oh, if you notice also, the list above is a suggestion of a natural progression, nobody goes to Advance Level immediately. After a few months of dancing and developing muscle memory of basic patterns, you can likely move on to learn the Intermediate level.  Like a new driver learning how to drive, he does not go driving on the freeways and highways right away. He/she learns first the basics of driving and the rules on the road. Practice driving on the streets and major roads, before driving in the freeways and major highways. 

Remember when I said there are many principles and rules to remember when dancing west coast swing? It is true! Learn these basic rules and then progress on to learn the higher levels.

Stick to Basics for as long as you can:

One more thing, did you notice that I said after a few months, you can move to learn the intermediate level? I say this because I know there are instructors who teach you basic patterns for just a few weeks, and then let you join in the intermediate level. It works fine with others. But one thing I notice here is, some newcomer dancers develop some habits that does not help them to solidify their basic patterns.

I highly believe that beginning level dancers need to be solid in their knowledge of beginning patterns. They really have to be fully aware of what the basic patterns are. There are mistakes done during the dance, and having a solid acumen of the basic patterns helps dancers to compensate for the mistake done either by you or your leader.

That’s it for now. 

So, what is your current dance level in the west coast swing?  What is it that you want to improve on?


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